Roster: HMS Duke of Cromarty (QY-04)


Commanding Officer

Captain Philip Clayton (GSN)

Executive Officer

Captain (SG) Steven Firestine


Chief Petty Officer William Dickson


Prime Minister of Manticore

Fleet Admiral of the Red Duke David Weber

Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Duchess Sharon Rice-Weber



Chief Engineering Officer

Lieutenant Commander Randy Todd


Ensign Bruno Vieira Barbosa Carneiro

Enlisted Personnel

Chief Petty Officer Winter Guite
Petty Officer 2nd Class David James
Petty Officer 2nd Class Richard Morgan
Petty Officer 3rd Class Sthanley Heykel
Spacer 1st Class Ronnie Conner
Spacer 1st Class Sherri Larch
Spacer 3rd Class Glen Beattie
Spacer 3rd Class Tony Cantu
Spacer 3rd Class Margaret Crump
Spacer 3rd Class Jeri Kaylor
Spacer 3rd Class Larry Lamb

Spacer 3rd Class Lisa Llorens
Spacer 3rd Class Mike Mahaffey
Spacer 3rd Class Douglas Minor
Spacer 3rd Class Nicole Pou
Spacer 3rd Class Robert Rice
Spacer 3rd Class Bonnie Rice
Spacer 3rd Class Jessica Rice
Spacer 3rd Class Michael Rice
Midshipman Michael Rice-Weber
Midshipman Megan Rice-Weber

Civilian Personnel

Civilian One Chris Kennedy
Cadet Ranger One Caitlyn Rice
Cadet Ranger One Morgan Rice-Weber

Civilian One Theresa Schloss
Civilian One Bates Willis
Civilian One Shannon Willis