HMS Atropos Ship Order 1710-01

HMS Atropos Ship Order 1710-01

Award Announcement

Mention is Given to Lieutenant Junior Grade Holly Lang Cunningham, RMN-2877-16. For the past few weeks, members of the HMS Atropos crew have been working towards constructing uniforms to wear at HonorCon, using the McCall’s civil war pattern as a basis for creating the RMN officer/NCO dress tunic. Almost immediately, LTJG Cunningham has taken charge of organizing the project, measuring members, helping prepare patterns, constructing mockups, gathering fabric from which to make the final product, and feeding the crew’s enthusiasm for uniform construction. She did so voluntarily, primarily out of a personal enjoyment in costume related work. As her efforts have been of great service to HMS Atropos BC-363, LTJG Cunningham is hereby Mentioned in Dispatches.

Congratulations, and be sure to attach the award stripe at the perfect thirty degree angle… 🙂

Captain of the List, RMN
Commanding Officer, HMS Atropos BC-363

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